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Leadership Mastery Summit with Business Fundamentals

This FULL TWO-DAY summit is going to pour business fundamentals and leadership strategies into your life and business in a direct, connective and modern way.

About this Event

Are you looking to grow your leadership ability and business fundamentals? Leading from a position of strength, and leverage empowers you to attract followship rather than chase it. If you are a business leader of a small to large size company this program has been designed for you. Baker HR Services is honored to speak about Human Resources fundamentals during the Business Fundamentals Session along side legal, marketing, tax and financial planning experts.

Understanding the nuances and fundamentals of our business will increase our ability to navigate and chart the direction of our course. The truth is we all need to be reminded of best practices more so than be shown something new, but this summit will offer you both new and exciting perspectives along with proven time tested practices that drive winning results. This summit will pour into the bucket of your life and business in a truly dynamic way and allow you to see with clear eyes the way to drive the right kind of change and growth inside yourself and that of your business. Growing your influence will be key and this summit will touch on the ways that work best to develop, strengthen and maximize your leadership ability, and the overall influence you have. Learn to best lead yourself, your team, and your market.

DAY #1 - Business Fundamentals

• Business Law
• Financial Planning
• Tax Strategies
• Marketing & Innovation
• Human Resources
Day #2 - Leadership Mastery Summit
• Lead Yourself
• Lead Your Team
• Lead Your Market

Date and Time: Thu, Aug 13, 2020, 8:30 AM – Fri, Aug 14, 2020, 5:30 PM EDT

Location:    Virtual

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